We’ll Bring Life Back To Your Rugs With Our Restoration Services

Sometimes, rug cleaning isn't enough. In such an instance, rug restoration services are likely required. Even the sturdiest of rugs will need restoration and repair eventually, as general wear and tear will break down a rug in a variety of ways over the years.
Our licensed and certified technicians have the tools, materials, machines, and equipment necessary to perform any kind of rug restoration job, and we can work fast to get your rugs back to you before you even notice they are gone.
For years, we have been known for delivering rug and carpet cleaning in Englewood, but throughout our time in business we have also been providing can’t-beat, affordable restoration services.
Getting your rugs back to their glory days is our mission, and we can achieve this no matter how old or unique your rugs are. There are four main restoration services that we are called on to perform, and they are rug recoloring, rug reweaving, rug binding, and rug fringing. To know more about each of these common restoration services, read through the sections below, where each one is briefly explained.


Nobody Does Rug Recoloring Better Than Us

When you need your rug recolored, you should get in touch with our team. We understand that some rugs can look good for longer than 100 years, but most rugs don't enjoy this kind of longevity.
This is why owners of rugs often call us when they need recoloring services. Our experts can recolor your rugs, and they’ll ensure the dye never runs once it’s on the rug. We’ll also ensure the design is kept intact. We have technicians who have been specializing in rug recoloring for years, and they can execute any kind of rug recoloring job with care and precision.

Our Area Rug Reweaving Service Is Sought After

Do you own Persian and/or oriental rugs? If yes, then you know how important frequent rug reweaving is. Our rug reweaving services are often needed multiple times in a single year, and this is why we value our ability to provide fast restoration services.
A wide variety of rugs and carpets can be repaired through reweaving, and often rugs that are damaged by moths need reweaving so they look brand new again. Our technicians can reweave some rugs by hand, but often we have to rely on machines in our shop for this. Therefore, most reweaving jobs will require you to bring your rugs to our shop.

Rug Binding Is Made Simple When You Hire Us

Does a much-loved rug have worn or frayed edges? Bring it to us. We’ll bind these so they’re no longer unattractive. We’ll either use binding tape or a heavy-duty sewing machine to accomplish this, and we’ll pursue the easiest and most cost-effective binding method. You won’t have to get a rug replacement if you choose binding.

We Make Area Rug Fringing Look Easy

After several years of use, a rug’s knots will unravel, and unraveling will impact both the rug’s condition and its value. Furthermore, if the fringes get damaged, it will be hard to get them back to their original state, unless you possess the tools and know-how that our experts possess.